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The Ultimate Guide To Create Social Media Assets For Your Business

You read all the business books and you’ve joined all the social media networking sites. You know you should be creating compelling content but you just don’t have the time or expertise. You want to become an entrepreneur not a publisher.

Content creation is very time consuming and takes up a lot of your time. There is a better way to do content marketing while staying authentic. 

A way where you spend less time on creating content but still get all the benefits. And in this book I will show you.


After Creating Countless Successful Content Marketing Strategies

I wrote a 72 page ebook called EQ Marketing Method sharing the 3 key steps to make your content bring dream customers into your online business with less active work from you.

Inside this ebook, I'm going to share with you...

Step #1: Build your 'Personal Brand Triangle'. As social media becomes more competitive, having a personal brand has become more crucial. The first step is by far the most important one because you can have the best content in the world but if no one notices it, then it won't have any impact. You are going to find out what will make people follow you and engage with your content.

Step #2: Create your 'Emotional Content Strategy'. Wondering why your social media posts aren't getting many likes or comments or shares? This section of the ebook will teach you why. Your are going to find out how to get real attention on social media. Find the patterns that make people share and like your content. You will be able to start using the patterns that create emotional engagement with your content.

Step # 3: Become an entrepreneur not a publisher. Now you have your content strategy but how do you keep up with the relentless demand for shareworthy, clickable, engaging content? Do you consistently have a full pipeline of shareable content for every channel you operate? How do you make time to consistently generate new content? I’ve developed a method for generating consistent, engaging social media content on a weekend. I call it the 8+8+8+8 method. It’s like an assembly line for content. Get ready for less time spent on content generation.

Ready to put your content to work for you?

Newlin got over 5000 video views on his church's Facebook page 
in just 30 days!


  • Online Course Sellers: Your social media marketing will be more effective if your audience trusts you. Social media is the easiest way to start interacting with an audience. It is used by top performers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Pat Flynn to build an audience and earn trust. You want to increase your conversion rates from social media leads as well as sales. Many online course sellers use social media as a sales channel.

  • Coaches: Your audience is online and that’s where they are spending their time but how do you reach them in a way that they find valuable and engaging? The EQ Marketing Method ebook is going to show you how to use your social media presence to build trust, showcase your expertise and distinguish your business from the competition.

  • Affiliate Marketers: Build a successful social media strategy around high quality and engaging content. Ideas that will stick in people’s minds AND drive conversations around your affiliate pages. This ebook takes away all the guesswork. Using tried and tested technology you are going to find out how to publish content that is relevant to your future followers. Get in front of your target audience by publishing content that they want to see, builds up the trust and authority of your brand, and most importantly, results in affiliate sales.

  • Influencers: Unleash the power of social collaboration! Spark media partnerships and brand awareness with a social media strategy that lets you engage your audience and communicate with your sponsors. Bring your social media presence to the next level.

If You're an Online Business Owner and You Want to See Results from Your Content Marketing...

This ebook is going to give you the clarity and understanding you need.

Plus a ton of bonuses that you are going to love...


Akos Gaspar
Wedding DJ
Kristof’s book helped me in a lot of things. All of my questions were answered with professional advice and methods. How can I build my social media marketing? What kind of content should I use and how? If you need a prepared and experienced professional’s advice you have to get his book!

I REALLY want you to get this ebook... so I'm addig some bonuses for you..

Bonus #1 - Mindset Training

Total value: $97

The world of content marketing is changing and the general advices out there on the internet are more than 10 years old. If you want to keep up with the top performers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Pat Flynn or you just want to see similar results you need to shift your mindset. This live training's goal is to overwrite the bad advice you have seen in the past years. 

This training will be held on the 13th of July!

Here's Just a few things covered...
  • Get an insider's information on how the top preformers do content marketing.
  • Why perfectionism ruins your content marketing.
  •  How to get over procrastinatination and create your first video ever.
  • ​Live Q&A

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of 
EQ Marketing Method Today!

Bonus #2 - 4 Types of Content Training

Total value: $297

In this live training I will give you proven strategies and tactics to always create new content for your social media channels. This training will teach you how to: Brainstorm great content topics, Showcase your expertise and Promote your creativity! Plus, I will include templates for making your own content! Also, it shows how to promote your business with the content. 

This training will be held on the 14th of July!

Here's just a few things covered...
  • The type of content to post based on your goal.
  • The amount of content you should post.
  • The type of content that gets the most engagement.
  • ​Live Q&A

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of 
EQ Marketing Method Today!

Bonus #3 - Engagement Training

Total value: $197

No matter how great your strategy is if you don’t understand how to get people engaged in your content you won’t expand your business. This is the training to learn how to make your business grow on social media with optimized content. This training will focus on how to post better and at the best time and give you the blueprint for making your next piece of content a huge success.

Here's Just a few things covered...
  • Learn the psychology what makes people engage with your content.
  • Templates you can use that will boost your engagement.
  •  How engagements helps your reach and how can you use it.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of 
EQ Marketing Method Today!

Ready to get the ebook plus all the bonuses?

All of this for just $5 today!

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Kira Szentendrei
Freelance Copywriter
Kristof is a very inspiring person, remarkably creative. During our work together he always came up with unique ideas and researched everything. Exceptionally informed, confident, up-to-date in his job.I could always count on him if I needed help.He always said inspiring things regarding copywriting as well, that I could use in my job as well. Kristof is very flexible.Mostly we worked on schedule, but if I needed help instantly, he found time for me. We worked on Facebook ads together and he was the inventor of every ad. He found the proper videos for the creatives that brought the most conversion possible! It was unbelievable and inspiring! Some videos brought the core of the copy, wich made my job easier. His skills are up-to-date and detail oriented. He creates perfect Facebook Ads and I can recomend him warm heartedly.

Who is Kristof?

I work with entrepreneurs in education and coaching/consulting industries who are growing their businesses with social media.

After 7 years of entrepreneurship, I have been there and done that... I did affiliate marketing, e-commerce, print on demand. After discovering what makes people follow you, engage with you and buy from you, I have worked in an agency and helped many entrepreneurs with their social media marketing.

My strategies helped online store owners, real estate agents, course sellers, multi level marketing agents, affiliate marketers and a pastor.

Above all, I believe that family comes first and that business should be a tool for improving the lives of those you love most. That includes running a business that provides time flexibility, financial freedom, and joy.

Ready to unlock the growth of your online business and scale to the next level in just 3 steps?

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